Mizuho Yahashi / 矢橋 瑞穂

Marketer / Planner / Copywriter / Nursery / Food Hygiene Officer /
Brand Producer / Event Producer
Born in 1991 / from Nagoya Mizuho-ku

Graduated from the Faculty of Comprehensive Human Studies, belonged to Motoki Kazuki Lab , Department of Neurophysiology, Men's Lacrosse Club Trainer

Saved lives while a student and received the Kyoto University President's Award

Appeared in advertisements and events of the Japan AED Foundation

Bachelor thesis `` Identification of the gait transition in humans based on muscle synergies ''

Co-author, Identification of muscle synergies associated with gait transition in humans

Won the Best Encouragement Prize at the Neurophysiology Society

Belongs to the 1st Creative Bureau, Activation Planning Bureau.

As a planner, implement integrated communication that combines web and real marketing to solve issues for various clients, mainly consumer goods manufacturers and the distribution industry

In addition to nominated work, cultivate new projects based on independent proposals

[What is the future of early childhood education drawn by an advertising agency planner? ] An interview article was published in the career vision of 20s

Going to school for MBA

An interview article was posted on the GLOBIS Graduate School of Management, " Student Activity "

METI, JETRO-sponsored " Startup " selection members

Pasona Group Inc., LBA Female Entrepreneur Contest Queen Award for Startups Finalist